About Our Product

Gentle on human, strict against virus & bacteria. The Birth of a new generation hypochlorous water. Instant sterilization 99.9%. Quickly removes odors, virus & bacteria . G-Mist is free from alcohol, preservatives, fragrances, oils, surfactants, etc., It is safe to use around people and also enviromental friendly. It can be used in various situations such as medical care, nursing care , and home use.

  • Non-flammable disinfectant that removes odors, bacteria, viruses
  • Obtained manufacturing method Japanese patent no. 6230079
  • Tested by independent laboratories for its strength and effectiveness.
  • G-Mist is a patented Hypochlorous water, a powerful sanitizer and deodorizer. 100ppm Concentration, ~5pH, stable with a long shelf-life of 3-5 yrs, while traditonal hypochlorite water deteriorate quickly.

G-MIST Applications

G-MIST can be widely used around the home and office


Homes with young families

Gentle and safe, G-MIST can be used to sanitise and humidify at the same time.


Commerical Kitchen

G-MIST can be used for cleaning, disinfecting and eliminating bacteria on work-surfaces, cutting boards, sinks and appliances, even vegetables!


Office or Reception

G-MIST helps to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for visitors and employees, eliminating seasonal viruses and removing unpleasant odors



G-MIST can be used not only for cleaning, but also de-odorising

Advantages Of G-MIST

G-MIST is a disinfectant deodorant water-made based on hypochlorous acid, a gentle acid that is also produced naturally in humans and animals. It can be used by babies, elderly people, and households with pets.

  • Alcohol free
  • Fragrence free
  • Preservative free
  • Safe for people and the environment
  • Long shelf life
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What is G-MIST?

Here’s a short video from Japan National TV program introducing G-MIST and its ingredients

Products List

G-MIST 100ml

100ml G-MIST (Travel Size)

$13.50 $
G-MIST 20L Refiller

20 Litre Refiller for Commercial User

$538.00 $
G-MIST 300ml

300ml Spray bottle for daily use

$38.80 $
G-MIST 4L Refiller

4 Litre Refiller for Household/Business

$148.00 $

100ml G-MIST Spray for Pets

$14.50 $

300ml G-MIST Spray for Pets

$39.80 $

What People Are Saying About Our Products

I have tried various products so far, but this one feels the most deodorant effect.

The smell disappears instantly and it is a very good product. The container is also fashionable!

I am a sushi chef, where food safety & hygenie is second to none. We strongly recommend the use G-MIST to the food industry.

I live with a cat, and I use it to deodorize indoors, the smells used to linger. I like it.

That slight moldiness in the bathroom can be removed by spraying it on the wall.