Short Description

G-MIST PETS (100ml) is a disinfectant and healing solution for your pets. It can deal with minor cuts/wound effectively. It can instantly sterilize 99.9% of germs and bacteria on application. It is also very effective as deodorising agent.

  • ISO 72001 Tested
  • Pet and Animal Safe
  • Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacteria
  • Extended shelf-life with stable PH level

This is G-MIST PETS (100ml) Spray.

GMIST PETS is highly effective with deodorising, instantly sterilizes a wide range of bacteria and germs. It is highly effective as wound-care solution to minor/small cuts on pets & animals.

Product Specification:

Product Name G-MIST PETS (100ml) Spray
Main component Hypochlorous acid (raw material: hypochlorite ion aqueous solution, pure water), pure water
Concentration Approximately 100ppm
Properties Slightly acidic (PH5.0-6.5)
Expiration date G-MIST PETS(100ml) – 2 years from the month of manufacture, Please use as soon as possible after refilling (refill in a light-shielding container)

In Japanese

品名 ジーミスト ペット 100ml
主成分 次亜塩素酸(原料:次亜塩素酸イオン水溶液、純水)、純水
濃度 約100ppm
性質 微酸性(PH5.0~6.5)
使用期限: 20L – 製造月より2年、詰替後はお早めにお使いください(遮光性のある容器に詰め替えてお使いください)
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